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“Calling Open Data Developers: We need your help… we want developers to work with us to use the data to create great applications;”
Digital Engagement Blog post, Cabinet Office (2009)

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The narrative of developers as primary users of open data is widespread, alongside ideas that the main use of OGD is to create ‘applications’. However, the survey component of this study, developed to explore uses of OGD beyond readily accessible high-profile examples, suggests data use is more diverse.

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4.2.1. Processes of OGD use

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A careful analysis of all 55 instances of OGD use reveals five distinct processes of data use. These are shown in table 2 where the identified processes are represented in schematic form below:

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Every use of data starts with at least one open dataset. An operation is performed which results in an output. All 55 data use instances have been coded against at least one process, and from this, common ‘operations’ performed for certain processes have been identified. The list of operations in these diagrams is an and/or list. The current lists should be understood as non-exhaustive[1].

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[1] Only four instances of DataService uses were reported via the survey, limiting the detail for this process.