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Hello Zainab. I saw a pre-print copy - and as far as I can tell the final is not yet published. (Apologies, if should have been referenced as 'Forthcoming' of course). I'll check with Emer Coleman if a copy is yet available...
Hello Tim, Well spotted. Was missing from my reference manager for some reason. The reference is to: David, P (2004) Understanding the emergence of “open science” institutions - functionalist economics in historical context. Industrial and Corporate Change 13(4). Pages 571-89.
Hey Nick Many thanks for the corrections. I've edited the text accordingly. BTW, great to see the development of the project into a foundation! All the best Tim
Michael Gurnstein's post here makes me think about how the point from Scott (1998) might be developed further - pointing to the different points at which data effects change. Gurnstein cites the digitisation of land-records in Bangalore and it's impact on land-ownership.
The data underling this timeline is available here: You can read more in this post: