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Of the users in this study with matching survey responses (n=44), just 31% agreed with the statement “This project makes a direct impact on peoples’ lives”, and 36% with the statement “This project contributes to improved local or national democracy”. Whilst partially attributable to such impacts not being goals of the OGD use, in other cases it is evident that OGD use stops short of pursuing wider social impact. The school governor behind E5 noted the limits of the statistical analysis conducted and explained, “Its worth a blog, but thats about all”, although suggesting the data may prove useful in future. The blogger who compared PESA and COINS data, and identified some discrepancies noted that “I’ve satisfied my curiosity about the COINS data” and that he would not be carrying on any further exploration of the data. OGD users motivated by innovation, creating applications/websites without clear business models, have little incentive to move from proof-of-concept to production uses of data.