OpenGovernmentPlatform – Visitor Relationship Management

The open source Open Government Platform under development through a partnership of and the National Informatics Centre, India includes a ‘Visitor Relationship Management’ (VRM) workflow to help data portals to manage comments form users – routing them to key contact points responsible for datasets, and keeping track of open enquiries.

Here is how they describe it:

The Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) workflow involves processes that help build visitor relationship, such as managing visitor feedback. A visitor can provide feedback, such as a comment about an error that the visitor might have encountered, a suggestion on a feature that they would like to have on the Web site, or an appreciation for a page that they like. The VRM Administrator assigns these requests, suggestions, and ideas to the appropriate representatives who become the feedback owner, such as the Program Management Office (PMO) or the Organization Point of Contact (Organization POC). The feedback owner takes the appropriate action to address the feedback.


The Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) Administrator views the list of all the feedback received on the OGPL Web site and assigns it to an Organization Point of Contact (Organization POC) or to a Program Management Office (PMO), based on the action that is required to implement the feedback, or the agency related to the feedback. The VRM Administrator can also assign the feedback to another VRM administrator.


After the VRM Administrator assigns a feedback, the feedback owner takes the appropriate action to address the feedback. After addressing the feedback, the feedback owner sends an e-mail reply to the visitor who sent the feedback.


The VRM Administrator reviews the reply sent to the visitor who submitted the feedback, and if the reply is satisfactory, the VRM Administrator closes the feedback. However, if the reply for the feedback is unsatisfactory, the VRM Administrator archives the feedback.  The VRM Administrator can reassign an archived feedback later.



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