Open Data Engagement recommended by UK Public Administration Committee

Following advocacy by Involve, the UK Government Public Administration Committee have recommended that the UK Government move towards applying the 5 Stars of Engagement to their open data publications. Their report states:

56. The Government should adopt a star-rating system for engagement, as recommended by Involve, for measuring, and reporting to Parliament on, Departments’ progress on increasing accountability through open data. The Government should expect Departments to set out plans to move towards Five Star Engagement for all their data releases.

Right now, the five stars of open data engagement offer a relatively subjective framework, designed to encourage those responsible for open data publication to critically consider how to improve the participatory nature of their open data work. If the government moves forward with this recommendation, there will be an interesting opportunity to consider how the engagement five-star system can also function as an assessment tool.

You can join the discussion on the Open Data Engagement mailing list.

Supporting open data use through active engagement

I presented the five stars of open data engagement at the W3C Using Open Data: policy modeling, citizen empowerment, data journalism workshop in Brussels today.

You can read download position paper that introduces the 5-stars, and a number of other key open data engagement themes (PDF), or check out the slides below (annotated version; vanilla version is here).