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Three new #opendata papers

Just in time for the Open Knowledge Festival in Helsinki we’ve added one new paper, and two new field notes to the Open Data Special Issue of the Journal of Community Informatics. Simon McGinnes and Kasturi Muthu Elandy in their article Unintended Behavioural Consequences of Publishing Performance Data: Is More Always Better? question the mechanisms by […]

Ten building blocks of an open data initiative

Ten building blocks of an open data initiative

This is the second in a short series of research notes that aim to draw out practical points from my current PhD explorations of the impacts of open data on inclusive governance. This one draws on a piece I’m working on about taking a broad reading of what it means to have an open data […]

Open data: embracing the tough questions

Two open data related publications I’ve been working on have made it to the web in the last few days. Having spent a lot of the last few years working to support organisations to explore the possibilities of open data, these feel like they represent a more critical strand of exploring OGD, trying to embrace […]

Untangling the open data debate: definitions and implications

I’m exploring creating a series of short notes based on my current PhD research into open data as tools to support wider dialogue around data policy and practice. Here’s a draft of the first one, trying to set out some clear categories for understanding debates over data. It’s also available as a two-page PDF here. […]

Brief notes on user-centred evaluation of open data portals

This weekend, an interesting e-mail on the Open Spending mailing list from Angelica Peralta Ramos at the Desarrollando Latin American hack day put out a call for ideas around evaluating government data portals. What sort of factors should feature in evaluating an official government statistics site, or an open data portal? Evaluating and rating a portal is a different […]

Evaluating open government data initiatives: can a 5-star framework work?

How do you evaluate or compare open government data initiatives (ODI)? With initiatives like and well established, and well over 100 national and city-level open data initiatives emerging across the globe, the question of evaluating these initiatives is coming up more and more. As Jose Alonso of the World Wide Foundation has noted […]

Open Data Campaigning Camp: Open data + ? = change

Open Data Campaigning Camp last week brought together around 30 campaigners, developers and open data experts interesting in exploring the intersection of open data and campaigning. The ingredients: Campaigners work to influence change, often by building up and demonstrating popular support for an issue: working to attract attention to issues through mainstream media, online media, […]

What supports the sustainable re-use of open data?

Update 23rd May: Updated link to the draft paper, and revised (clearer) version of the complementarity diagram. There’s a general perception that, for most open datasets, it’s still pretty tricky to do really useful things with them. Whether it’s the need for data to be better cleaned and annotated, the need for shared source code […]

Open Data in Developing Countries

The focus of my work is currently on the Exploring the Emerging Impacts of Open Data in Developing Countries (ODDC) project with the Web Foundation.

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