1. Simon Whitehouse

    I also spoke rather airily about existing environment projects in schools that capture and analyse data. I was thinking about weather stations and the like, but a quick search has pulled up this interesting looking projects.

    “Confluence is an arts and environment project to pilot the use of practical and digital arts to inform local communities about their impact on their local environment (specifically the River Torridge catchment).”


    AstraZeneca have done the following project which Interprets eco-monitoring data with Key Stage 2 (upper primary) kids. This specifically mentions data literacy.


    Also, TeacherNet list some “opportunities in the QCA scheme” for work on sustainable schools. The data capture and analysis stuff appears to come in at Key Stage 3 (start of Secondary School)


    So, there is some work already out there on data literacy in schools, it can be slotted in to the curriculum and some people have managed to find funding to run projects to do it.

  2. Jacqui Taylor

    Hi Tim

    I have been involved in the Royal Societies Computing in Schools initiative where we looked at the desperate need to refresh the taught curriculum, in primary and secondary schools.

    There was widespread support for introducing core computer science principles from Key Stage 1 – start of primary ,and following this path throughout secondary school. This idea being that would replace the current ICT syllabus which is not adding value and turning pupils away from selecting Computing at GCSE and GCE examinations.

    This change would allow the integration of the teaching of data skills and the importance of data from very early years. We concluded that integrating such a change in the current education system would require assistance and support from those in the tertiary sector and industry.

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