Abstract ok; but a title change

It seems the examining board liked the abstract I put forward for my dissertation, but the title wasn’t, well, formal and boring enough.

Fortunately the chance to re-write and re-submit my title has given me the opportunity to bring it more into line with some of the theory coming up in the literature review I’m currently working on, so, the open data impact’s study now goes under the slightly longer title of:

The Potential of Open Government Data as a Tool in Democratic Engagement and Reform of Public Services: The Case of Data.gov.uk

And it is guided by two core questions:

How is open government data being used? What are the implications of this for democratic engagement and the improvement of public services?

Added to those are four more questions, still in draft, but likely to guide the final write up.

  • What different types of use are being made of open government data?
  • What technical approaches are adopted in the use of open data?
  • What motivates users of open government data?
  • What theories of change underlie democratic engagement and public sector reform oriented uses of open government data?

Now, fingers crossed that the examination board agree to that and I can really get into planning further data collection, and can dive into some initial analysis.


  1. Steph Gray

    Sounds good. Under your first question, I’d personally be fascinated to read an exploration of the commercial use models and any estimate it’s possible to make of the economic impact of open data. To me, that’s one of the three pillars of the open data rationale, alongside transparency and motivating public service improvement.

  2. Steph Gray

    Thanks Tim – will look at those

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